Over the years, the innovation of new technology has taken a massive turn and has caused a major impact on consumer behaviour. DVD s and now access to various online movie streaming facilities have influenced consumer behaviour complementing the busy schedule of each individual and also affordable by the prices they have been provided by these platforms.

We all can relate to this that standing in long lines for getting a movie ticket, buying snacks and drinks or turning your cell phones on silent mode is too much. As well as getting ready for a movie and having dinner before movie is kind of outdated now. No one likes to spend a lot of money on gas, movie tickets or dinner and snacks. And this is the reason why to watch free movies online is better option.

Definition and meaning

An online movie is streaming of movies on the internet on the specific platforms being an alternative for the traditional film screening.

The term refers to the delivery method of the medium, rather than the medium itself

Reasons why people are not going to the movie theatre anymore

As the technologies have advanced the social trends have also changed the habit of going to cinemas. Go; grab some snacks and icy drinks. Get comfortable in your seat and read our reason why people are not going to movie theatre anymore.

  • Movie price: there was a time when movie tickets were available for only 5$ and the snacks were also not costly or overpriced but those are the days long gone. Now, all thanks to the expensive equipment movie prices are skyrocketed in recent years.

  • People now have no manners: in past people were not allowed to take their small kids into the movie theatre but not whether it is R rated movie or family movie the owners of the theatre like to entertain small kids inside the movie hall where these kids distract watchers by crying, scream and make every kind of fuss to distract from movie.

  • Too many commercials: this is something people really hate most. In past people liked to watch movies to avoid commercials and now even the expensive movie tickets are not sufficient to avoid commercials.

  • Internet: internet can be the main reason for people avoiding movie theatres. There are a lot of reasons like internet  is cheaper than movie tickets; one can watch movies at the comfort of their home.

But why people like to watch online movies?

Well, there are some common reasons why to watch free movies online is better than watching them in theatre.

  • It is more comfortable

  • Inexpensive and can save a lot of money

  • Technologies are getting advanced through which one easily enjoy the same feeling like in movie theatres

So, if you are also someone who wants to avoid all distractions that a movie theatre can cause than watching online movie is the best option for you. Just make sure that the site you’re going to use is not offering pirated movie and follows all the laws made by motion pictures.

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